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Bearings Bike Shop is a youth development organization where kids in Atlanta can earn and maintain a bicycle while developing the skills and character essential to success in adulthood. 

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We believe every kid deserves the opportunity to succeed no matter where they start. In many of the neighborhoods on Atlanta's westside, children face adversity at every turn. Kids are growing up in communities with high crime rates and low employment. Half their peers will not graduate from high school. And yet, every child has God given potential and promise to do great things. Kids needed positive influences pointing them in a different direction. Bearings Bike Shop seeks to do three things: eliminate idle time, replace negative influences with positive ones, teach the essential hard skills and soft skills critical to succeed in adulthood. Learn how it started.


Our Impact


Since 2009, hundreds of kids ages 6-18 have engaged in the shop, earning bikes and learning skills essential to success in adulthood. While our influence is seen here through numbers, we're most proud of how its told best in the stories of our students. Read our stories here.



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