The Chambers Family

how kids inspired a family to get active

Sometimes the kids aren't the only ones impacted when a bike is earned. Last fall, Lekita Chambers, mom to sons David and Matthew, shared how the Bearings Bike Shop has impacted her family.

"Your concept at the Bearings Bike Shop has changed not only our children lives, but our entire family life forever.  My kids David and Matthew Chambers have matured so much since joining the program.  Their confidence level have sky rocketed now that they have acquired the skills to break down and rebuild a bicycle.  Their comfort with using tools in the bike shop have inspired them to be little men, fixing everything around the house that require tools.  

My husband and I have now been summons by the kids to begin bike riding with them.  I've tried losing weight for years and finding consistent weight loss partners have been difficult. The kids however are my newly found consistent partners who request that I take them bike riding daily.  I never owned a bike before and feel so proud that they would sacrifice and buy me a bike with their first paychecks.


My family has now begin biking riding and searching out bike routes on the weekends and our relationship and bonding moments have sky rocketed.  I thank GOD for leading us to your bike shop and giving us this opportunity to make our lives better and our relationships stronger.

The boys are so passionate, they share their story with everyone and are always looking for old bike donations from family and friends to bring to the bike shop."