Advanced job training program


While most of their peers were headed to the pool or the mall this summer, eight Bearings’ teens chose a different summer experience. By participating in Bearings’ Advanced Job Training program, they spent eight weeks developing the skills and habits essential to future employment success. 

In its second year, the program works to prepare students for the workplace through skills development opportunities, money management lessons and meaningful, hands-on experiences that increase their awareness of the various pathways that can be taken in the future. 

The students received training and development by working 20 hours a week in our bike shop as well as attending weekly 2-hour financial literacy classes. During their work in the shop, they were guided through mechanical skills curriculum and ongoing mechanical training. The financial literacy classes provide real-time lessons on managing money, since for 90% of the students this is their first real job. They learn about budgeting, saving, investing, and home and car ownership. 

As the students progressed through the program, they were given more responsibility including coaching the younger participants at the bike shop and advancing their skills by working to repair customers’ bikes. 

In order to see the different careers they might pursue after high school, the students also went on multiple field trips including: Turner Broadcasting, Eckardt Electric, State Bank & Trust, Piedmont Technical College, ICM Georgia Inc., and City of Refuge’s NAPA Auto Center. 

As the students reflected at the end of the summer, the training in the bike shop inspired comments like: 

     "I grew as a teacher and a mechanic.”

     “I’ve learned to be more patient towards the people around me.”

     “My leadership skills improved."

Success was also reflected in the students’ financial confidence. Post-program, the students collectively said they now felt confident they had the knowledge to manage their money and finances.

The students also left resounding feedback that the field trips were the highlight of their summer. Through these exposures, connections, and practical life skills the students were inspired and encouraged to achieve success as they continue to grow. Watch now.