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Sales and Service


We offer a broad array of used bikes that are tuned-up, cleaned, and safety-checked. All of our refurbished bikes are cleaned, overhauled, and given a safety inspection. We use hand-picked components appropriate to the style and performance-level of each bike and ensure the bike will last for many more years of use. Prices start at $40. Because all our bikes are refurbished, our stock is ever changing. Give us a call or stop by to see what we have available today!

All used bikes are sold as-is and all sales are final. However, in the event that a part goes faulty within 30 days, we will attempt to repair or replace it at no charge.  Additionally, bikes with new cables may require a slight adjustment after a “break-in” period, which we will provide free of charge.


Bearings also offers service on your bike. Actual repair prices may vary. Bring the bike into Bearings Bike Shop for an estimate.

If you like to do-it-yourself, feel free to come and browse our used parts. We've got buckets of used saddles, bins of brakes, derailleurs, and the like. Most used parts are between $5 and $15 or, in the case of higher-end parts, the same as the going rate on eBay. You may use a bike stand and our tools for a suggested donation of $5 per hour. We are proud to be part of the southwest Atlanta bicycling community and we are eager to share our knowledge. Feel free to ask us any questions about your project!

For questions about bikes sales or service, please call  404-951-0998.

Shop Hours

Mondays-Thursdays: 1:00pm-6:30pm
Saturdays 11:00am-5:00pm


Labor Prices

-Please not that these may vary based on the condition, type and other factors of your bike. We always will take a look at it for free!

Tune ups:

*Quick Tune Up- $25 (Safety Check, Lube Chain, Minor Adjustments)

*Standard Tune- $40 (Wheels Trued, Bike Wipe Down, Adjusts Breaks, Shifting, Bottom Bracket and Headset)

*Deluxe Tune- $75 (Bike Wash, Cable Replace, Wheels Trued, all Bearings Adjusted)


*Adjustment- $5

*Pad Replace- $10 (pr)

*Cable Replace- $10 (ea)

*Internal Cable Replace- $15 (each)


*Bottom Bracket Adjustment- $10

*Bottom Bracket Install- $15

*Install/Replace Freewheel or Cassette- $10

*Chain Install- $10

*Install/Replace Crankset- $15

*Shift Adjust- $5 (ea)

*Shift Cable Install- $10 (ea)

*Install Derailleur- $10 (ea)

*Adjust/Install Derailleur Hanger- $5

*Install Shifter- $15 (ea)

Front End

*Install/Replace Fork- $25

*Headset Adjust- $10

*Headset Overhaul- $20

*Stem Swap- $5

*Wrap Bars- $15

*Swap Handlebar-$10 (does not include bar wrap)

*Grip Install- $5


*Minor Wheel True- $5

*Major Wheel True- $15

*Hub Adjust- $5

*Hub Overhaul- $15

*Install Tube/Tire- $5

Accessory Install

*Rack Install- $15

*Front Basket- $10

*Computer Install (wired)- $15

*Computer Install (wireless)- $5

*Fender Install- $25

*Kickstand Install- $5