a strong work ethic pays off

20-year-old Travonus was featured last month in 11Alive’s video on the Bearings Bike Shop and how it started, and there’s a reason why. She is a role model for kids in the neighborhood she grew up in, and someone we love to brag about as often as we can. In addition to her kind demeanor, what has always stood out about Travonus is her work ethic.  Read more.


tim and Becky's story

Tim and Becky O'Mara founded the Bearings Bike Shop in 2008, on accident. 11Alive recently shared their story with the city of Atlanta. Watch the video. 


A Mom's perspective

Her sons began coming to the bike shop in 2016. Little did Lekita Chambers know they weren't the only ones whose lives would be impacted! Read more.