uncovering a treasure

Kids that may struggle in a traditional classroom environment often thrive at the bike shop. A sense of accomplishment, pride, and valuable skills develop in a new way when kids learn the mechanics of a bike and have a space to explore their interests and be curious. Sometimes that comes in unexpected places. Read more.


this is the bike that jamel built

We all have memories of riding a bike as a kid. For some, it’s the memory of first riding with no hands. Or learning to pop a wheel-y. Or maybe going on family bike rides. The joy you experience riding a bike as a kid is like no other. We see that joy every day at Bearings Bike Shop. But we hope kids experience even more through our program.  Read more.


When you give a girl a bike

Tiana and Te’ora live just down the road from the bike shop. When they enrolled in the program in April, the girls quickly started learning the various components of a bicycle and earning a star for each hour they worked. Just three or four weeks into their time at the shop, both girls earned enough stars to purchase their very own bikes! They rode home on pink wheels and pink handlebars, and were over-the-moon excited.  Read more.

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Kriniski's journey growing up in the shop

When Co-Founder Tim and Intern Nick met each other in 2009, it was not in any sort of typical manner. Watch Tim and Nick reflect on the friendship that grew from that first unusual encounter and Nick's personal growth as a result of being involved in the bike shop and connected to the O'Maras. Watch now.


Summer 2018 advanced job training

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One by one, leaders emerged from our Skills for Life program participants. After completing the program, eight teens have stepped up to become our 2018 Summer Interns. Read more.


a strong work ethic pays off

20-year-old Travonus was featured last month in 11Alive’s video on the Bearings Bike Shop and how it started, and there’s a reason why. She is a role model for kids in the neighborhood she grew up in, and someone we love to brag about as often as we can. In addition to her kind demeanor, what has always stood out about Travonus is her work ethic.  Read more.


tim and Becky's story

Tim and Becky O'Mara founded the Bearings Bike Shop in 2008, on accident. 11Alive recently shared their story with the city of Atlanta. Watch the video. 


A Mom's perspective

Her sons began coming to the bike shop in 2016. Little did Lekita Chambers know they weren't the only ones whose lives would be impacted! Read more.