Travonus's Story

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fostering a strong work ethic

By Becky O'Mara | 20-year-old Travonus was featured last month in 11Alive’s video on the Bearings Bike Shop and how it started, and there’s a reason why. She is a role model for kids in the neighborhood she grew up in, and someone Tim and I love to brag about as often as we can. In addition to her kind demeanor, what has always stood out about Travonus is her work ethic. 

Travonus and her family moved into Adair Park in the fall of 2008 when she was in the 6th grade. We met her and her younger siblings shortly thereafter. Travonus was one of the first kids to earn a bike. 

“We rode everywhere. We’d ride up to West End,” she remembers. “It was fun being able to ride with other kids in the neighborhood. No one felt left out. Everyone could ride together.” 

Tim began encouraging the kids to look for odd jobs around the neighborhood. Travonus remembers raking leaves during the fall for neighbors. That led to walking dogs. 

In early high school, a neighbor began taking Travonus with her to clean homes. Travonus shadowed her, learning her process. Travonus’s entrepreneurial spirit began to soar. She began cleaning houses by herself and babysitting. When she learned to sew, she would repair buttons on clothes for neighbors. She even taught herself how to repair iPhone screens and would fix classmates’ phones at school. 

Travonus graduated from high school in 2015 and prepared to head off to college. When she came back from her first year at Valdosta State University, Tim jumped at the chance to have her as an intern at the bike shop. She worked with the team that summer learning data entry and helping when the shop was busy. Simultaneously, she began interning at a small creative agency in town, Matchstic. 

When she went back to school in the fall of 2016, we realized she had a great problem. She had too many great options! She had been extended the offer to continue her summer internship at Matchstic into the school year. She'd made such a great impression with her hard-working attitude and desire to learn and grow. She's now going to school full-time at Georgia State University and cash flowing college because of her job and scholarships. 

Travonus is majoring in Business administration and wants to be an entrepreneur. She’s still in search of her business idea. “Mr. Tim always says the best ideas solve problems,” Travonus said. With her eyes peeled and so many smart, caring people investing in her future, she’s bound to find her business idea soon.