when you give a girl a bike

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how bikes are uniting a family in adair park

Tiana and Te’ora live just down the road from the bike shop. When they enrolled in the program in April, the girls quickly started learning the various components of a bicycle and earning a star for each hour they worked. Just three or four weeks into their time at the shop, both girls earned enough stars to purchase their very own bikes! They rode home on pink wheels and pink handlebars, and were over-the-moon excited.  

A few months later, the girls decided that they wanted to earn enough stars to buy a bike for their mother Kalen so that they could ride around the neighborhood together! “Were going to get you a bike, Mom,” the girls would tell her. Kalen didn’t think they were serious until one afternoon, they went home and asked their to come to the shop with them. "'Close your eyes!’ they said.” When Kalen opened her eyes, she was surprised to see a bike that her girls had earned for her! “I really didn’t think they were going to do it…I thought they were just saying that. But the fact that they made that a goal and stuck to it through completion is amazing. They value hard work now, and want to work for the things they have instead of waiting on someone to give it to them.”

Tiana and Te’ora’s dad already had a bike, but since mom now also has one, they now go riding together all the time! “They want to go every day!" says Kalen. "Having these bikes has made us a unit. When we ride together around the neighborhood, I get to see the things they like and enjoy, and it helps me get to know them better.” She mentioned also that the family now has a way to exercise together, which is an added bonus to the mix. 

Tiana and Te’ora have been raising the bar at Bearings Bike Shop, teaching other kids (and adults!) that generosity should be the overflow of what you earn for hard work. Come by the shop during our normal hours to see the kids at work and hear other stories of what they’ve accomplished!