where we're headed

our vision for the bike shop

Current Locations

1. Adair Park
2. Westview
3. English Avenue

There are dozens of communities near Atlanta, many of them widely diverse, facing rapid change and similar challenges as Adair Park – with kids who would benefit from owning a bike and having an opportunity to engage in our skills development program. 

Our ultimate vision is to, through neighborhood bike shops, ensure that every kid we serve learns the essential life skills to become productive citizens with character, confidence, and purpose.

Because the Atlanta BeltLine will be an asset to those that travel by bike, especially our kids, our vision is to follow the BeltLine with bike shops. It will also be a direct pathway to our program for what's often a transient community. Currently, we operate three shops along Atlanta's Westside, located in Adair Park, Westview, and English Avenue .